Name: Joseph Phillip Skroch, detail
Parents:  John T. Skroch and Mary Paranzinski
Lineage: John T. Matthias, Simon, Gregor, Jacob
Spouses:  1
Children:  3

DOB: 25 Feb 1897
POB: ?
DOD:  1986
POD: ?
Spouse: Mabel Gillons, detail
Spouse Parents: 
Married:  23 Dec 1933, St Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Independence, WI
DOB: 9 May 1910
POB: ?
DOD: 8 Jul 1990
POD: Arcadia, WI
Mary, 20 May 1940, detail
Josephine, 20 Mar 1941,  detail
Jane, ?, detail

Detail: Joseph Phillip Skroch

Dr. Joseph P. Skroch was a 36 year old physician and surgeon when he married Mabel Gillons.  He was a doctor in Arcadia for many years.  He also started the first hospital in Arcadia.  At first he'd have patients in his home.

Joseph Phillip Skroch    b.2-25-1897 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    m.12-23-1933 in Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.6-?-1968 in Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., WI (was a doctor)

St Stanislas Cemetery, Arcaida Wisconsin
Joseph P. Skroch grave stone
Joseph was a barber prior to enlisting in the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force on Aug 03, 1916 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Later that fall he enlisted in the US Navy on 12/23/1916, in Portland, Oregon. His rank at dicharge from the Navy was a Seaman, and he was dischared for medical reasons 11/14/1919, in New York, NY.

SKROCH, Joseph P., M.D.

Source - newspaper clipping, dated 06 Sep 1959, (name of newspaper unknown)

Valley of Life

There's a Close Knit Bond Between Man and Nature in Coulee Near Arcadia
Arcadia, Wis. - Doc has given life to his isolated valley and the valley has returned the favor. Eighteen years ago, Dr. J. P. Skroch was near death from disease for three months. When he left the hospital, he was sentenced to a life of retirement, of nonemotional activities.

Doc gave up his practice in this Trempealeau county community. He found his valley seven miles west of here, in a coulee accessible only by a steep, unsurfaced road. He bought 288 acres, dammed a creek, dredged three ponds and planted trout.

An apple orchard struggled along on the hillside. Doc nursed the trees and planted more. White and red pines - some 15,000 of them - he planted to hold the soil.
For a few years Doc farmed the land. Now it has been placed in the soil bank as a permanent wildlife area.

There is life in Doc's valley. Willows are mirrored in clear pools. Wild flowers dot the hillsides. Mallards dip their wings and wrens live in houses that Doc built. There are trout in the pools, deer in the rugged hardwood ridges, pheasants and quail on the uplands.
Doc's hours are still spent improving his valley. He gives new life to a rabbit by protecting brush piles, to a duck by scattering wild celery seed in one of the pools. This year, Doc has added rock garden flower beds and has endged the pools with stone.

Doc is 65 now; his valley is older. Both were near death, for as surely as the viurs spread through Doc's veins, so did the cancerous erosion spread through the valley.
By helping each other, both Doc and the valley are alive.

Tom Guyant - Journal Staff Correspondence

Detail: Mabel Gillons

Mabel Gillons    b.5-9-1910    m.12-23-1933    d.7-8-1990 in Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., WI

Mabel Gillons and Daughters

Image provided by Christine Fisher, who states "The reverse of the attached photo was inscribed by my grandmother as follows: "Mable Gillons and daughters." She is Aunt Eve's daughter. She lives in Arcadia, WI."

Detail: Mary Skroch (family genealogist)

Married Thomas Flaherty, b 21 Apr 1935

Jennifer, 24 Jul 1975?

Detail: Josephine Skroch

Married: James Smija, b 4 Mar 1935

Joey, 31 Jan 1971?

Detail: Jane Skroch

married (1) Wayne Boland 06 Jun 1969, d. 6 Dec 1969
Wayne Jr., 31 Mar 1970

married (2) Daniel Troug on 6 June 1969
Anne Marie, 24 Aug 1975

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