Name: Clifford Joseph Skroch (Shrock), detail
Parents:  John Thomas Skroch and Mary Paranzinski
Lineage: John T. Matthias, Simon, Gregor, Jacob
Spouses:  1
Children:  4

DOB: 25 Jan 1908
POB: Whitehall, WI
DOD:  26 Nov 1952
POD: ?
Spouse: Phillis, detail
Spouse Parents: 
DOB: ?
POB: ?
DOD: ?
POD: ?
Jacquline, ?
Sandra, ?
Mary, ?
Michael, ?

Detail: Clifford Skroch (Shrock)

Changed last name to Shrock.

Clifford oseph Skroch    b.1-25-1908 in Whitehall, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.11-26-1952   (changed name to Shrock)

Detail: Phillis


Detail: Michael


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Subject:     Skroch Family Tree
Date:     Fri, 7 Nov 2003 13:17:13 -0800 (PST)
From:     Joyce Shrock <>

We were really excited to find your website.  My husband is Mike Shrock, he comes through Simon, Matthias, John Thomas, and Clifford is his father.  We have been working on Mike's family line for several years now.  We have not been able to go back any further than Simon.  From what I can understand from your information you are from Valentine Skroch, who is Simon's brother?  Do you have any information on their parents, etc?
Several years ago we received some information from a Rose Countryman, Holmen, Wisc. and  we have pulled some information from the LDS Church's website.  Do you know who Rose Countryman is?  I received a disc from her years ago and it has taken me over 20 years to use the information she sent to us.  It has only been the past couple of years that we have finally gotten serious about genealogy.  If you have a Gedcom of your information I sure would like a copy and I can send you the Simon Skroch information that I have.
Where do you live?  We live in ...
We sure would like to hear from you and try to piece all of this together.
Joyce Shrock   -  in case you didn't know, my husband's father, Clifford, changed his name from Skroch to Shrock.

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