Name: Johann "John" Skroch, detail
Parents:  Jacob Skroch and Anna (Swiec) Swieg
Lineage: Jacob, Valentin , Michael, Jacob
Spouses: 2
Children: 7

DOB: 26 Jun 1830
POB: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
DOD: 13 Jan 1916
POD: Independence, Trempealeau Co, WI
Spouse: Julianna Bzdok "Bedok", detail
Spouse Parents: Thomas Bzdok "Bedok"
Married: 22 Jan 1861, Poppelau, Opole, Poland
DOB:  ~1837
POB: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
DOD: 26 Aug 1863
POD: Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Franz "Frank" John Skroch , 10 Oct 1860

Spouse2: Mary Sobotta, detail
Spouse Parents: Matthias "Mathew" Sabotta and Anna Pampauch
Married: 20 Oct 18 63 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
DOB: ~1842
POB: Germany
DOD: 25 Dec 1910
POD: Independence, WI
Peter Charles. , 12 Aug 1865
Susanna "Susie", 1865, detail
Catharina, ~1868, d 21 Jun 1868 Poppelau
(infant), 15 Mar 1869, d 15 Mar 1869 Poppelau
Johann, 2 Jul 1870, d 8 Jul 1870 Poppelau
Lorenz, ~1871, d 10 Dec 1871 Poppelau
Andrew , 4 May 1873
Anna, 1879, detail
Christina, Mar 1881, detail
George D. , 16 Oct 1883

Detail: Johann "John" Skroch

Arrived in Philadelphia on 5-19-1882 on ship "S.S. British Crown".

Death Certificate on file. 

See image below. 

From "History of Trempealeau County," compiled by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Chicago and Winona, H.C. Cooper, Jr., CO., 1917, page 574:

"Peter C. Skroch, a well-known business man of Independence, agent for the G. Heileman Brewing Company, of La Crosse, was born in German Poland, Aug. 12, 1864, a son of John and Mary (Sobota)<sic> Skroch.  The father, John Skroch, a native of German Poland, came to the United States in 1882 and, settling in Trempleau County, Wis., bought a farm in Lincoln Township, where he resided until 1900 when he retired to Independence..  He died Jan 14, 1916, aged 84 years.  his wife Mary died Dec. 25, 1911, at the age of 63. ..."

Detail: Julianna Bedock

This is our Great Great Grandmothers name.  This information was found in LDS microfilm #937164 marriages 1750 to 1870

Detail: Mary Sabotta

Mary Sabotta is the sister of Agnes Sabotta.  Agnes is the wife of Frank Skroch bother of John Skroch.

Arrived in Philadelphia on 5-19-1882 on ship "S.S. British Crown" with John.

This images courtesy of Kevin T. Skroch.
                          Skroch and Mary Sobotta
John Skroch and Agnes Sobotta

John Skroch and Mary Sobotta Famil

Back row standing (left to right): Susan Skroch Kowahl, Peter C. Skroch, George D. Skroch, Anna Skroch Marsolek, Andrew Skroch, Frank John Skroch

Front row seated (left to right): Christine Skroch Gamroth, Mary Sobotta, John Skroch

Detail: Susanna "Susie" Skroch

Susanna "Susie" Skroch    b.9-?-1865/66 in Poland    m.11-8-1886 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    m.7-23-1951 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI (arrived in Philadelphia on 5-19-1882 on ship "S.S. British Crown")

From Beth Kowahl, email 17 Feb 2002:  "Thank you to everyone for all your help.  I just got a call from my parents; they were looking through some old photos to verify Susan's birthdate.  As it turns out they have a photo of Susan and John's tombstones, and it shows her birth year as 1865, not 1866.  Boy, I'm sorry for the confusion.  It looks like there probably was a Mary Skroch after all!  Susan died in 1951.  There are no actual dates on the tombstone, though.  As for the John Skroch family photo, I do believe that is Susan Skroch Kowahl.  I have seen a photo of her when she was older, and it does look like the same person to me."

From Joan Murphy (email 17 Feb 2002):

Nine children.  Three died young (1 day, 5 days, and a boy at 5 years).

From Beth Kowahl in an email to Kevin Skroch (Feb 2002):

Married: John Kowahl

John Kowahl: DOB: 1858


Michael Joseph, 21 Sept 1889  
     Married Lucy Sylla (They had a life lease on John and Susan's farm.  My dad says it was Susan's father's farm before that??  They lost the farm in 1938 and eventually moved to the Minneapolis area in the early 1940's. They had 7 children - 4 boys and 3 girls.)

John, 02 Jul 1891
     Married Gertrude (Getta)  (They farmed outside of Independence.  They had 3 sons.)

Peter, 01 Sept 1894
    Married Susan  (I think they owned a small grocery store, but can't remember in which town.  They had 1 daughter.)

Ignatz, 22 Jul 1906
    Married Katie  (They moved to Chicago.  They had 1 daughter)

Catherine (Katie), 01 Oct 1912
     Married Jake Oberglicki (He went by the last name of Miller - as he owned the feed mill in Elk Creek and his last name was apparently difficult for people to pronounce correctly.  They had 3 children - 2 girls and a boy.)

Susan (Susie), ?
     Married Charles (Charlie) Pieterick

(From Stan Pieterick Feb 05: They owned a tavern in Independence, Charlie's Place.  Bud took over Charlie's Place and it became Bud and Blanche's - a flower shop )

Ramond Pieterick, ?  (had bar in Eau Claire, Ray's Place, now opeated by David)

Stan Pieterick, ?
David Pieterick, ?

Gerald (Bud) Pieterick, ?
Alfred Pieterick, ?
Eugene Pieterick, ?
Jerome Pieterick, ?

Victoria, ?
     Married Frank Lebowski (They had 5 children - 3 girls and 2 boys)

Mary, ?
    Married John Kamala  (They owned a feed mill in Arcadia, but lost it in 1938 - moved to La Crosse.  They had 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls.)

Detail: Christina Skroch

Christina Skroch    b.3-?-1881 in Poland    m.10-27-1903 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI   (arrived in Philadelphia on 5-19-1882 on ship "S.S. British Crown")

This information courtesy of Kelly Otto (Granddaughter of Edwin Gamroth, Great-Granddaughter of Christina Skroch and Albert Gamroth).

Christina Skroch was born 1881 in Independence, WI. and died in Milwaukee, WI on June 25, 1963 she is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery (Catholic).   She married Albert Garmroth on 27 Oct 1903 at St Peter & Paul Church Independence, WI.  Albert was born in Indenpendence, WI on November 23, 1877 and died from complications due to cardiac arrest (per death certificate) on July 13, 1967. Albert was born to Francis Gamroth and Ludowica Hagen (Peter & Louise).  He is also buried at Holy Cross Cemetery. They had a total of 10 children.

Aloysie (Aloizy) Gamroth    b.6-8-1904 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.6-12-1904 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI 

Rudolph "Rudy" Gamroth    b.8-5-1905 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.5-4-1982

Married Mary Jurasovich. Rudy died on 04 May 1982, buried Wisconsin Memorial Park in Brookfield WI. They had 7 children (as listed in the obituary in the Milwaukee Journal).
Sandra Howe
Patricia (Michael) Krahn
Wayne Gamroth
Lyle Gamroth
Rex Gamroth
Virginia Gamroth
Jane Gamroth

Ralph W. Gamroth    b.10-25-1906 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.5-3-1974

Married to Florence Rose then Adeline Bruss. Ralph died on May 3, 1974 and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI.  Children that are listed are according to the obituary in the Milwaukee Journal. When Ralph died he had 26 Grandchildren in 1974.
Don Gamroth
William "Billy" Gamroth
Richard "Dicky" Gamroth
Jerome "Jerry" Gamroth
Carol (Paul) Robarge

Leocadia "Leona" Gamroth    b.6-3-1908 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.6-17-2001
Leona died on June 17, 2001.  Buried Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield, WI.  She never married but had 2 children, they are as follows.  Leona had 5 Grandchildren and 8 Great-Grandchildren at the time of her death.
 Shirley Englebrecht (Married Ray Englebrecht who is now deceased)  Her children are:
Tracy Englebrecht (son Antonio)
Kelly Englebrecht (son Blake and one daughter)
 Robert Gamroth - his children are:
Son (name unknown)
Son (name unknown)

Louise Gamroth    b.10-27-1910 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.1-29-2000

Married Frank Dirnbauer. Louise died on 29 Jan 2000. Buried Holy Cross Cemetery. Her children are as follows.  Louise had 16 Grandchildren and 23 Great-Grandchildren at the time of her death.
Patricia Dirnbauer, ?, Married Russell Meid
Veronica, ?, married Chester Kruse
Sandra, ?, married Richard Greene
Jeanne, ?, married James Anderson
Charles "Butch" Dirnbauer, ?,  married Jeanne
Genivieve "Jane" Gamroth    b.1-11-1913 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.10-22-2003
Married Michael Pelowski.  No children. She worked at Briggs and Stratton. She died 22 Oct 2003. Buried Holy Cross Cemetary.

Edwin Joseph Gamroth, 14 Sep 1914, Independence, WI

Married Delores Kieman (born November 7, 1916) on October 14, 1939 in Milwaukee WI.  Delores died of complications due to strokes on June 20, 1993 and she is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.  Edwin died of lung cancer on May 26, 2000 and is also buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI. They had 4 children together.  Edwin had 7 grandchildren and 8 Great Grandchildren (or Great ones as my grandpa would call them) when he died.
James Gamroth, 20 Apr 1941.  Married Kay Duvenick
Kari, ~1960s, Married.
James, ?, currently lives in Tennessee with his 2nd wife Pat.
Child, ?
LeAnn, 1970, Married.
Janice Gamroth, 21 Dec 1942. Married Arthur E. Pfeiffer, born 21 Mar 1933, on 3 Mar 1971. Arthur passed away from congestive heart failure on April 7, 2003. They had one child together.
Kelly Marie Pfeiffer, 29 Aug 1971, Married Christopher D. Otto, born  10 Nov  1960, on 23 Dec 1992
Nichole Anne Otto, 07 Oct 1993
Nathaniel James Otto, 12 Mar 1977
Samuel Ryan Otto, 31 Mar 2000
Susan Gamroth, 16 Sep 1947, married James Rommelfanger.
Timothy Rommelfanger, 30 Aug 1969,  married to Debbie
Cheryl Rommelfanger, 07 Jun 1973
Rebecca, Jun 1997
John, Jun 2000.
Thomas "Tommy" Gamroth, 18 Sep 1953, married Ruth "Ruthie"
Jennifer Gamroth, Jan 1968, married Adam Blissett.
Emma and Megan, ?,  (twins)
Michael, ?
Mark Gamroth, Mar 1971, married Jenny

Edwin Joseph Gamroth    b.9-14-1914 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.5-26-2000

Bronislaus "Bruno, Bruce" Gamroth    b.5-15-1916 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    6-6-1998

Married to Joanne.  Bruno died 6 Jun 1998. Buried at Wisconsin Memorial Park in Brookfield, WI.
Gloria Gamroth
Freddy Gamroth
Margene (Donald) Twist

Cleophus "Cliff" Gamroth    b.4-12-1919 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI

Married Dorothy Lindsey who died 24 July 2000. Cliff died on April 5, 1998 and is buried at Wisconsin Memorial Park in Brookfield WI.
David, ?, married Kristi
John David, ?

Anna Mae Gamroth    b. in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI

Married Bill Tappan.
Paula, ?
Rick, ?
David, ?
Randy, ?
Detail: Anna Skroch

Anna Skroch    b.1879 in Poland    m.6-18-1907  in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.2-6-1958 in Trempealeau Co., WI  (arrived in Philadelphia on 5-19-1882 on ship "S.S. British Crown")

DOD: 06 Feb 1958, Trempleau Co., WI
Married: Peter L. Marsolek on 18 Jun 1907 at St Peter & Paul Church Independence, WI.

 Peter Marsolek: Father - Guilem Marsolek, Mother - Anastasia Sygulla

Anselm Marsolek, b 15 Apr 1908, married Mary Klink on 15 Sep 1933, d 24 Jan 1978
Tex Marsalok (? not verified)
Cecelia (Sister Gemelda) Marsolek, b 07 Aug 1913
Rosalia Marsolek, b 27 Aug 1916, married Alex Roskos
Bernadia Marsolek, b 09 Sep 1920

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