Name: Franklin (Frank) Nicholas Skroch, detail
Parents:  Frank Skroch and Elizabeth Nogosek
Lineage: Frank, Matthias , Simon, Gregor, Jacob
Spouses:  1
Children:  4

DOB: 10 Sep 1895
POB: Jamestown,  ND, Stutsman Co.
DOD:  17 Oct 1954
POD: Jamestown, Stutsman Co.,ND
Spouse: Mathilda (Tillie) Grace Stelmach, detail
Spouse Parents:  Martin Stelmach and Mary Waldera
Married: 28 Sep 1915, Arcadia, WI, Trempleau Co.
DOB: 6 Jan 1896
POB: Arcadia, WI, Trempleau Co.
DOD:  5 Aug 1988
POD: Jamestown, ND, Stutsman Co.
Gerald, 27 May 1919
Leroy "Roy" P., 27 Apr 1922, detail
Marcia M., 17 Sep 1927, detail
Mary Elizabeth, 1 Oct 1929, detail

Detail: Franklin Nicholas Skroch

Frank Nicholas Skroch    b.9-10-1895 in Kensal, Stutsman Co.,ND    m.9-28-1915 in Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.10-17-1954 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co.,ND   (1900 census says middle initial is "M", death index says "N")

[Much of this family information from Melissa Hubbard, Tucson, AZ.]

Occupation: Railroad Worker

Franklin N.
                    Skroch and Mathilda (Tillie) Grace Stelmach c1917
Tillie and Frank c1917
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Detail: Mathilda (Tillie) Grace Stelmach

Mathilda's brother Joeseph M. Stelmach married Franklin George Skroch's sister Clara Skroch.

Burried: Calvary Cemetery, Jamestown, Stutsman Co, ND

Mathilda "Tilly" Grace Stelmach    b.1-6-1896 in Arcadia, Trempeleau Co.,WI    m.9-28-1915 in Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.8-5-1988 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND

  Detail: Leroy "Roy" P. Skroch

Leroy (Roy) Paul Skroch    b.4-12-1923    m.6-18-1946 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co. ND    d.1-4-1994 in Flandreau, Moody Co., SD. 

Married Mary Magdalen Miemietz    b.6-4-1922 In Wimbledon, ND    m.6-18-1946 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co. ND    d.1-4-1996 in Flandreau, Moody Co., SD,  burried 7 Jan 1994 in Ss. Simon & Jude Cemetary, Flandreau SD.


  • Terry Skroch, married Tom Allaire
  • Mary K. Skroch, married Peter Ecker
  • Pat Skroch, married Scott Pedersen
  • Mike Skroch
  • Jim Skroch
  • Joe Skroch

Marcia M. Skroch

Marcia M. Skroch    b.9-17-1927    m.9-28-1955 in Jamestown,Stutsman Co., ND    d.7-2-1992 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., Married 28 Sep 1955 to Charles Kourajian in Jamestown, SD.  Died 2 July 1992 in Jamestown, SD.  Burried 6 July 1992 at Calvary Cemetary, Jamestown, SD.

Mary Elizabeth Skroch

Mary Elizabeth Skroch    b.10-1-1929    m.6-8-1954 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND    d.1-18-2000 in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ   Married 8 Jun 1954 to DeLair Francis Hubbard in Jamestown, SD.  Died 18 Jan 2000 in Tucson, AZ.  Burried 22 Jan 2000 in All Saints Memorial Park, Tucson, AZ.

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