Name: Franz "Frank" William Skroch, detail
Parents:  Matthias Skroch and Anna Neva
Lineage: Matthias , Simon, Gregor, Jacob
Spouses:  2
Children:  8

DOB: 28 Nov 1865
POB: Poppelau, Germany
DOD:  Nov 1939
POD: Jamestown, ND
Spouse: Elizabeth Nogosek, detail
Spouse Parents:  Gregor Nogosek and Christina Skroch
Married: 27 Nov 1887, Jamestown, Stutsman Co, ND
DOB: 24 Sep 1868
POB: Poppelau, Germany
DOD:  9 Oct 1926
POD: Jamestown, ND
Peter Walter, 2 Jun 1889
Clara Gertrude, 16 Mar 1891 (1890?), detail
Anna Josephine, 18 Dec 1892, detail
Franklin (Frank) Nicholas, 10 Sep 1895,
Elizabeth (Lizzy), 14 Apr 1898, detail
Mary, 14 Feb 1900 (1901?), detail
Joseph William Jr., 10 Jan 1906
Lucille Ottilla, 1908, detail

Spouse2: Marguerite Meyers, detail
Spouse Parents:  ?
Married: 5 Nov 1928
DOB: ~1869
POB: Germany
DOD:  ?
POD: ?
Children: none

Detail: Frank Skroch

Note: Frank's first wife is is his grandfather's granddaughter. 

Frank William Skroch    b.11-28-1865 In Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m1.11-27-1886 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND     m.11-5-1928 in Stutsman Co., ND    d.11-2-1939 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND  (immigrated 5-18-1868 on "Bavaria" to New York)   (buried St. John's Catholic Cemetary, Kensal, ND)

Frank W. and Elizabeth
                      Nogosek Skroch Family
Image from John Walters
Parents: Frank William Skroch and Elizabeth (Nogosek) Skroch
Children: (Peter Walter?), (Anna Josephine?), Frank Nicholas on Elizabeth's lap, (Clara Gertrude?)

Frank W. Skroch Family circa.1917 (son
                      Joseph's communion) from Martin Pool via Elizabeth
                      (Betty) Skroch Brooks, Joseph's daughter
Frank W. Skroch Family, circa 1917, Joseph W. Skroch's First Communion
(click image for larger picture)

Back row (left to right):
Matilda Stelmach Skroch, Cliff Shepler, Elizabeth Skroch Shepler, John Bartkowski,
Anna Skroch Barkowski, Peter Skroch, Nettie Kutzera Skroch, Joe Stelmach, Clara Skroch Stelmach
Front row (left to right):
Frank N. Skroch, Mary Skroch, Joseph W. Skroch, Elizabeth Nogosek Skroch,
Lucille Skroch, Frank W. Skroch

[Image provided by Martin Pool who states "Attached is a family photo of my great-grandfather Frank W. Skroch (1865 - 1939) taken circa 1917 on the occasion of my grandfather Joseph W. Skroch's first communion.  The photo was sent to me by my aunt Elizabeth "Betty" Skroch Brooks, Joseph's daughter."]

Anna Josephine Skroch and Siblings
(Unknown ?), Frank Nicholas Skroch, (unknown ?), Anna Josephine Skroch, (unknown ?)
Image provided by Doug Wollan, 16 Apr 2010

Frank Skroch 1865-1939

[Original source unknown.  Typed with corrections from document provided by Melissa Hubbard, Tucson, AZ, that may have been a biography done in the late 1930s for the North Dakota Historical Society.]

In 1835 Matthias Skroch was born in Poppelau, Germany, of German Polish parents.  In 1857 he was married to Anna Neva, who too was born in Poppelau, Germany in 1837.  To this union were born three boys and five girls.  Frank Skroch, our pioneer, being the third youngest of the family.  Frank’s parents moved to the United States in 1839, when Frank was only three years old.  Mr. and Mrs. Methious Skroch moved directly to Independence, Wisconsin as soon as they arrived in the United States, living there until their death.  Mr. Methious Skroch died in 1898 and Mrs. Methious Skroch died in 1922, both died in Independence, Wisconsin.  All during their lifetime, they were thrifty German farmers.

Frank Skroch was born in Poppelau, Germany, November 28, 1865.  At the age of three he came to America with his parents.  Frank helped as best he could with all the farm work at home.  In the spring of 1884, when Frank Skroch was nineteen years old, he bought his first class ticket for St. Paul, Minnesota.  Instead of waiting to take the train as his ticket called for, he took the freight train, much against the will and wishes of the conductor, but since he had a first class ticket, he was entitled to ride on any of their trains and any way he choose to travel--his being the freight.  Frank Skroch arrived in St. Paul the next morning at four o’clock.  This was his first trip away from home alone and it was a great adventure for the young man.  Frank had to wait in St. Paul until eight o’clock the same night for the next train to come along and bring him to Dakota, as our pioneer puts it, “It was the longest 16 hour wait I ever put in my life, it seemed weeks instead of hours.” before his train came.  Just before the train pulled out of the St. Paul station, the sky was grey with clouds and it started to snow, the roads were piled high, some of the roads north of Jamestown were piled with snow as high as the roofs of the claim shanties.

Frank Skroch was met at the depot in Jamestown by his Uncle Peter Skroch.  Their Uncle had been living in this territory just a few months before Frank decided to come to Dakota.  His Uncle took Frank Skroch out to the Seibert Farm, which is eight miles north of Jamestown.  This farm is now owned by Morris Beck of this city.  Frank Skroch worked on this farm until November of 1884 when he decided to return to Wisconsin for a visit.  On March 4, 1885, he came back to Jamestown and decided to go back to the Seibert farm to work again, which he did.  He stayed with Mr. Seibert until November of 1885 this time.  When he had spare time he broke 15 acres of his own land which had been filed on Section 28-144-63; Mr. Skroch filed on this land in April of 1887.  In April of 1887, Mr. Skroch brought a claim shanty from a nearby claim paying $30 for it.  It was fourteen by sixteen feed in dimension.  Mr. Skroch dug a nice basement the same size of the shanty, made a lean-to ten by sixteen, this was his first home in Dakota.  As soon as Frank had his house built, he started to make a barn out of sod.  All the farming equipment he had was one cow.

On November 27, 1887, Frank Skroch was united in marriage to Elizabeth Nogosek of Fried, North Dakota. [See Nogosek history document.]  The Nogosek family had come to Dakota a few years before Frank Skroch did.  All the Nogosek families settled out near Fried and were all of Polish nationality, settling in the Fried territory… [transcript unreadable ~27 characters] …Polish Catholic folk.  The Polish Catholic religious worship in Germany-hence the small community of Fried was settled by Polish Catholic people.  Fried is located eleven miles northeast of Jamestown, an inland town, no railroad has ever gone through Fried, there are stores and the Catholic school, cemetery and church in this little town of about fifty people.

The first summer Mr. and Mrs. Skroch were Married, they lived with the parents of Mrs. Skroch.  When they left for their new home, they were given a young heifer by her parents as a wedding present.  Besides tilling his own land, Frank Skroch worked on the side for George Wright, running his threshing machine in the falloff the year from 1887-1894.

With the kind assistance of George Seibert and his tools, Mr. Skroch was able to break up his own land.  All the stock Mr. Seibert had was one cow, two oxen, and a team of horses.  The oxen were never used for power on the farm, they were just used for meat.  The oxen were staked out in the pasture all the time to eat so they would be nice and fat for butchering.

In 1887, Frank Skroch had a very good crop of oats, he had 80 acres put in and the oats ran 80 bushels to the acre.  The oats were the White Russian Oat-it never sold on the market, but was used for feeding purposes only.  In 1888 Mr. Skroch had another good crop-this time it was of wheat, this wheat was sown on new land, running 40 bushels to the acre, all number one wheat, and sold at top price of 80 cents to one dollar per bushel.  This wheat was very dirty, had a lot of wild buckwheat seed in it, with just a bit of time and patience this foul seed was removed and wheat was free of all impure seed.

June 2, 1888, a boy by the name of Peter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Skroch.  This son is living in Jamestown at the present time.  March 16, 1890 a daughter by the name of Clara was born, she is now married and lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Anne was born in 1892 on December 18, she is married to Mr. Barkoskie of Long Prairie, Minnesota.  Frank Skroch was born on September 10, 1895, is living in Jamestown.  Elizabeth is married to Mr. Shealar of Valley City, North Dakota, she was born on April 14, 1898.  Mary, another daughter, was born February 14, 1901, she is married to Mr. Morris and lives in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Joe Skroch was born January 10, 1906, he is now living in Jamestown.  Lucille, the youngest of the family, married a Mr. Folk and is now living in Courtenay, North Dakota.  She was born in 1908.  Frank and Joe Skroch are both working for the Northern Pacific Railroad in Jamestown at the present time.

In the spring of 1919, Frank Skroch and his family left the farm and moved to Jamestown.  In 1920, Mr. Skroch started to work for the Northern Pacific Railroad at the beginning of the strike.  His first duties were as a guard over the lumber stock of the company.  This lumber stock was located outside the picketed yards, which had a high board fence with two strands of barb wire at the top.  To prevent violence to the railroad workers, they were given free board and room within this enclosure until the strike ended in 1921.  Mr. Skroch was transferred into the round-house as engine helper; he worked there until he was pensioned by the railroad in 1935.  At the present time he devotes his time to the care of his nice home on Lawrence Avenue, has a few chickens and is a devout Catholic.

Detail: Elizabeth Nogosek

NOTE:  Elizabeth is the daughter of Gregor Nogosek and Christina Skroch.  See history of Joseph Nogosek.  Chirstina is the daughter of Simon Skroch.
Elizabeth Nogosek    b.9-24-1868 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.11-27-1886 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND     d.10-9-1926 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND  (arrived 4-29-1872 New York aboard ship "City of London")  (buried St. John's Catholic Cemetary, Kensal, ND)

Detail: Marguerite Meyers

Second wife of Frank William Skroch
Marguerite (Margaret) Meyers   b.abt.1869 in Germany     m.11-5-1928 in Stutsman Co., ND      (immigrated in 1889,  lived in St. Paul, MN) 

Detail: Clara Gertrude Skroch

Clara Gertrude Skroch    b.3-16-1891 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    m.7-?-1910 in ND    d.4-1-1957 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co.,MN. Married Joseph Martin Stelmach    b.3-18-1884 in Wisconsin    d.abt.1945 in Wisconsin

Married Joseph Stelmach.

Note: Joseph Stelmach is the sibling of  Mathilda Grace Stelmach, who married Clara's brother Franklin George Skroch.


  • Eileen Mary Stelmach    b.7-2-1914 in ND    d.2-21-1974 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN.  Married  John Michael Sarafolean    b.2-2-1908 in Vienna, Austria    d.9-13-1984 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN
    • Child
    • Child
  • Wilford Adolph Stelmach    b.6-9-1915 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    d.11-11-1961 in Babbitt, St.Louis Co., MN. Married Rosella K. Nagel     b.3-24-1916 in Minnesota     d.8-27-2007 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN
    • Child
    • Child
  • Monica Stelmach    b.10-10-1917 in Stutsman Co., ND    d.3-22-1999 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN
  •  +Albert Matthew Heuring    b.2-9-1918 in Minnesota    d.8-7-1983 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN
    • Child
    • Child
  • James Joseph Stelmach    b.9-17-1920 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN   d.10-22-1991 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN.  Married  Living Deering

Detail: Anna Josephine Skroch

Born: Kensal, Stutsman Co, ND
Married John August Barthowski (Barkoskie? Bartkoske?)

Anna Josephine Skroch    b.12-18-1892 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    m.4-11-1917 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    d.1-23-1948 in St. Cloud, Stearns Co., MN.  Married Johann (John) August Bartkowski    b.9-20-1891 in Russia    m.4-11-1917 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    d.3-23-1975 in St. Cloud, Stearns Co., MN


  • Raymond James Bartkoske    b.7-5-1918 in Kensal, Stutman Co., ND    m.11-27-1947 in Long Prairie, Todd Co., MN    d.4-7-1960 in Hennepin Co., MN.  Married  Lois Arlene Pederson    b.7-5-1927 in Browerville, Todd Co., MN     m.11-27-1947 in Long Prairie, Todd Co., MN    d.10-26-1995 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN
    • Child: Sandie Bartkoske, married Doug Wollan
  • Zepherine Marie Bartkoske    b.9-4-1919 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    d.11-10-1937 in Ramsey Co., MN
  • Alfred "Al" John Bartkoske    b.6-19-1924 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    m.6-15-1962 in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MN    d.12-16-1979 in Havre, Hill Co., MT. Married  Patricia Jean Allderdice
  • Gordon Francis Bartkoske    b.6-30-1928 in prob. Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    d.abt.1929
  • Lorraine Elizabeth Bartkoske    b.3-29-1931 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND.  Married  Victor Casper Court
  • Loren "Buddy" Francis Bartkoske    b.10-29-1934    d.10-18-1953 in Stearns Co., MN

Detail: Elizabeth A. (Lizzy) Skroch

Elizabeth A. Skroch    b.4-14-1898 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    m.6-21-1915 in Stutsman Co.,ND    d.12-28-1981 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND.  Married Clifford Marvin Shepler    b.12-13-1893 in Pipe Creek, Miami Co.,Indiana    m.6-21-1915 in Stutsman Co., ND    d.4-13-1941

Born: Kensal, Stutsman Co, ND
Married  Clifford M. Shepler


  • Leona Shepler    b.abt.1920 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND
  • Eugene Shepler    b.abt.1923 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND
  • Bernard Shepler    b.abt.1925 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND
  • James Shepler  died as infant on 11-20-1926 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND

Ana Skroch Bartoske and
Circa 1915 - Likely wedding of Elizabeth and Cliff Shepler
Anna Josephine (Skroch) Bartkoske (Bartkowski), Frank Nicolas Jr. with
 Elizabeth Skroch and Cliff Shepler

Photo from Doug Wollan, 14 Apr 2010

Detail: Mary Ann Skroch

Mary Ann Skroch    b.2-14-1900 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    m.10-16-1917 in Wimbledon, ND    d.4-23-1971 in Janesville, Rock Co., WI.  Married Carl McKinnley Morris    b.abt.1891 in IL      m.10-16-1917 in Wimbledon, ND    d.4-8-1963 in Janesville, Rock Co., WI

Born: Kensal, Stutsman Co, ND
Married  Carl M. Morris
Died: 1971


  • Ethel Marie Morris    b.6-26-1920 in ND    m1.6-29-1940    m2.10-1-1966    d.12-2-2004 in Edgerton, Rock Co., WI.  MarriedKenneth "Duke" Kittleson    d.8-25-1965.  Married  Rhinhard John "Jake" Schaefer    d.2-22-2001 in Edgerton, Rock Co., WI
  • Irene Lucille Morris    b.3-8-1923 in ND    d.9-12-1990 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND.  Married  Carl Olsen    b.11-10-1921 in Porter, Rock Co., WI    d.7-18-1980 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
    • Child
    • Child
  • Dorris Elizabeth Morris    b.12-20-1928 in Janesville, WI    m.10-15-1949 in Janesville, WI.  married Donald Sylvester Waters    b.9-4-1922    m.10-15-1949 in Janesville, WI
    • Child

Detail: Lucile Ottilla Skroch

Born: Kensal, Stutsman Co, ND
Married  Joseph Falk

Lucille Ottilla Skroch    b.12-9-1908/09 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND    m.11-22-1927 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND    d.4-10-1976 in Durham/Courtenay, Stutsman Co., ND.  Married + Joseph Falk    b.5-15-1902 in Durham, Stutsman Co., ND    m.11-22-1927 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND    d. 4-12-1992 in Carrington, Foster Co., ND

  • Marion Lucille Falk  b.1-26-1929 in Durham, Stutsman Co., ND    d.1-31-1929 in Durham, Stutsman Co.,  ND
  • Donald Joseph Falk  b.9-15-1930 in Valley City, Barnes Co.,ND    m.abt.1955    d.7-22-2006 in Burien, King Co.,WA.  Married  Lillian Estelle Johnson    d.abt.1979 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ND  (died when caught in a blizzard)
  • Clifford James Falk  b.10-13-1932 in Durham, Stutsman Co., ND    m. in Yankton, SD    d.8-17-2007 in Cheyenne,WY.  Married  Donna Marie Rodgers
  • Patricia Louise Falk   b.  6-10-1934  in Durham, Stutsman Co., ND.  Married  Donald Arthur Barnett
  • Elaine Elizabeth Falk     b.3-25-1936  in Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND    m.abt.1956    d.3-20-1986 in Carrington, Foster Co.,ND.  Married  Lorentz DeFerry Barclay
  • Joyce Eileen Falk      b.4-3-1938  Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND.  Married  Marvin Barnett
  • Bernard Falk      b.6-3-1939 in Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND     d.6-3-1939 in Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND
  • Carol Marie Falk    b.8-20-1940 Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND.  Married  Robert Michaelson
  • Eileen Marcia Falk    b.7-16-1943 Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND    m.11-25-1967 in Courtney, Stutsman Co., ND.  married  David H. Fields
  • Joseph Falk Jr.     b.1-9-1945 in Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND      d.1-9-1945 in Durham, Stutsman Co.,ND   (stillborn)
  • Kathleen Mary Falk   b.5-11-1948 in Jamestown, Stutsman Co.,ND    d.10-6-2007 in Carrington, Foster Co.,ND
  • Gaylord Robert Falk  b.  6-23-1949 in Courtenay, Stutsman Co., ND    m.6-11-1971 in Wimbledon, Barnes Co., ND    d.8-17-2006 in Hettinger, Adams Co., N.  Married  Susan Brudvig
  • James Patrick   b. 3-13-1952 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND.  Married  Roxanne Hoff
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