Name: Simon Skroch, detail
Parents:  Gregor Skroch & Susanna Fiecek
Lineage: Gregor, Jacob
Spouses:  1
Children:  7 or 8

DOB: 22 Oct 1802
POB: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
DOD:  8 Sep 1842
POD: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
Spouse: Elizabeth Klink, detail
Spouse Parents:  ?
Married: 24 Apr 1831 in Alt Poppelau, Schlesien, Prussia, Germany
DOB: 7 Jul 1807
POB: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
DOD:  Mar 1871
POD: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
Casper, 1832
Mathias "Macie, Mathew", 1834
Adalbert, ~1836, d 20 Jan 1855, Popelau, Opole, Poland
Elizabeth, ~1837, detail
Peter, 18 Apr 1839
Maria "Mary", Aug 1841, d 22 Feb 1842
Catherina, 1833, detail (uncertain - needs work)
Christina, 20 Jan 1843, detail

Detail: Simon Skroch

Simon Skroch    b.10-22-1802 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.4-24-1831 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.9-8-1842 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Email 16 Apr 2010 from Martin Pool:

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Subject:     Simon Skroch --> Valentin Skroch Connection Question
Date:     Fri, 16 Apr 2010 10:54:41 -0700
From:     Martin Pool
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Hi everyone.
Continuing a previous discussion below on whether Simon is indeed descended from Valentin (indicating Simon and Jacob are brothers), and although this appears to be generally accepted by Skroch genealogists, I have not seen anything to prove this.
Going through the photos and documents that my aunt Betty sent me recently, I came across the attached chart which seems to indicate otherwise.  The chart indicates Simon Skroch was born in 1802/03 and that his father was Gregor Skroch (born March 10, 1759) and mother was Susanna Fiecek (born June 18, 1769).  I recognize that this chart of itself does not constitute any kind of "proof," but given the specificity of the dates shown, I think whoever prepared it must have had some source documents as its basis.
I do however question the entry for Gregor's father "Jacob Skroch 1706" as Jacob would have been 53 years old when Gregor was born - possible, but somewhat unlikely scenario.  Seems to me there is a generation missing in there.
The other intriguing thing here is that some of this information is very close to the lineage of our cousin Thomas Bauch-Mertens.  So what do you think, Thomas?
I would be very interested in your opinion of this chart and any additional information you might have.
My hunch is that those of us on the Simon line and those on the Jacob line are connected at some point, but it may be farther back.  Now wouldn't that be exciting to then find where these two lines are then connected to Thomas's?
I'm hoping as I go through the early church records, that I will find something to substantiate or disprove this.
Simon Skroch 1802 Chart

                    Skroch 1802 Baptism
Simon Skroch Baptism Record, 1802

Translation by Thomas Bauch-Mertens, 2010:
Poppelau den 20.Oktober 1802
Wurde dem Husaren Grzesch Skroch von seinem Weibe Susanna ein Knäblein geboren und unter dem Namen Simon getauft.
Die Pathen waren der Gärtner Kristek Baucz ?, Joseph Klimek Collonist und die Gärtnerin Maria Schichla ?
Is to Hussar Gregor Skroch from his Wife Susanna a "smal boy" born and under the name simon baptized. Godfathers/mothers were the gardener Kristek (Christoph) Baucz, Joseph Klimek Colinist (or settler) and the gardener Maira Schichla
Colinist maybe in Colonie Poppelau (or alternative Name "Klink")
or maybe in Colonie Schalkowitz (or alternative Name Neu Schalkowitz)
Grzesch == Gregor
Weibe==Ehegattin == Eheweib ==  Ehefrau == Wife
Knäblein == small boy
Husar == military rank "Hussar"

Simon Skroch and Elisabeth Klink 1831 Marriage
1831 Marriage Record of Simon Skroch and Elisabeth Klink, Page 1

From Thomas: the cross means that Jacob was already death when his son Michael was going married...

Simon Skroch and Elisabeth Klink 1831 Marriage
1831 Marriage Record of Simon Skroch and Elisabeth Klink. Page 2

Detail: Elizabeth Klink

Elisabeth Klink    b.7-7-1807 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.4-24-1831 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.3-?-1871 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Catherina Skroch

This record seems out of place and does not match Martin Pool's history.  Dates of birth are same as Christina but marriage records are different  Needs more investigation.

Born in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland

Born 20 Jan 1843 in Prussia
DOD: 24 Dec 1919 in Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND
Burried: 29 Dec 1913 in Sacred Heart Cemetary, Fried, ND

Married: Christek Prokot on  11 Aug 1863 in  Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland.
Agnes Skroch, 13 Jan 1861 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
Elizabeth  Prokot, 8 Nov 1863
Simon Prokot, 25 Oct 1865

Detail: Christina Skroch

Christina Skroch    b.1-20-1843    prob. in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.11-13-1860 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland (dual marriage with Casper Skroch and Hedwig Nogosek)   d.12-24-1913 in Kensal, ND     (arrived 4-29-1872 New York aboard ship "City of London"

Married: Gregor Nogosek on 13 Nov 1860 in Poppelau, Kreise, Oppeln, Germany.  This wedding occured together with the wedding of Casper Skroch and Hedwig Nogosek, daughter of Andreas Nogoseck.

Gregor Nogosek    b.11-17-1839 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.11-13-1860 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.9-26-1902 in Spiritwood Lake, Stutsman Co., ND    (arrived 4-29-1872 New York aboard ship "City of London"

Gregor was born 17 Nov 1839 in Poppelau, DOD: 26 Sep 1902.  His parents were Thomas Nogosek and Elisabeth Jochem.


Maria, 17 Aug 1861 in Poppelau, Oppeln, Prussia
Joseph, 18 Mar 1864 in Poppelau, Oppeln, Prussia
     [NOTE: See Joseph's history and that of other Skrochs in this document]
Elizabeth, 24 Sep 1868 in Poppelau, Oppeln, Prussia
    [NOTE: Elizabeth marries Frank William Skroch]
John, 1871 on board ship, DOD: 1871
Frank L., 29 Jan 1873 in Independence, Trempelau Co., WI
Peter, 20 May 1875 in Independence, Trempelau Co., WI
Anna, 26 Aug 1877 in Independence, Trempelau Co., WI
Thomas, 1 Dec 1879 in Jamestown, Stutsman, ND
Hattie, 14 Oct 1882 in Fried, Stutsman, ND
Anton, 7 Jul 1885 in Jamestown, Stutsman, ND
Kate Fergus, Mar 1899 in ND

Christina died on 24 Dec 1913 in  Kensal, Stutsman Co., ND.  She was buried on 29 Dec 1913 at  Sacred Heart Cemetary, Fried, ND.

Detail: Elizabeth Skroch

Elisabeth Skroch    b.abt.1837    m.1-12-1869 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland.  Married  Caspar Baucz (Bautch)    b.abt.1840     m.1-12-1869 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland   (father: Adalbert Bautsch)


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