Name: Gregor "Grzesch" Skroch, detail
Parents: Jacob Skroch and Chistina
Lineage: Jacob
Spouses: 1
Children: 10

DOB: bpt 10 Mar 1759
POB: Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland 
DOD: 20 Mar 1838
POD: ?oppelau, Opole, Poland
Spouse: Susanna Fiecek, detail
Spouse parents: ?
Married:   9 Feb 1789 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
DOB:  bpt 22 Feb 1767
POB: Poppelau, Opole, Poland
DOD: 19 Feb 1825
POD: Poppelau Klink, Opole, Poland
Blazek, 1 Feb 1790
Mathias, 20 Feb 1792
Maria, 2 May 1796, detail
(Infant), 8 Sep  1798 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland  (died at birth)
Rosina, Sep 1799, detail
Simon, 22 Oct 1802
Johann, 16 Oct 1804
(Infant), 28 Jun 1807 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland  (died at birth)
Anna, 10 Jun 1809, detail
Anna, 23 Mar 1812, detail

Detail: Gregor "Grzesch"Skroch

Gregor was in the military, a Hussar, a cavalry force.

Email from Martin Pool, 2 Jun 2010:

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Subject:     Gregor Skroch - 1759 Baptism; Susanna Fiecek - 1767 Baptism
Date:     Wed, 2 Jun 2010 15:24:03 -0700
From:     Martin Pool <>
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Hi everyone.
After a brief hiatus, I'm back to researching the microfilm records.
Attached is the baptism records for Gregor (Greger) Skroch from 1759 and Susanna (Zuzanna) Fiecek from 1767.  They are the parents of Simon Skroch (born in 1802).  Gregor's father is shown as Jacob Skroch and mother Christina.  Susanna's father is Christek (Christian) Fiecek and mother Anna.
This then is my descendency:
Jacob Skroch
   Gregor Skroch (1759 - 1838)
      Simon Skroch (1802 - 1842)
         Mathias Skroch (1834 - 1873)
            Frank W. Skroch (1865 - 1939)
               Joseph W. Skroch Sr. (1906 - 1944)
                  Joseph W. Skroch Jr.  (living)
I don't know when Jacob was born.  One source says about 1706 and another source says about 1734.  The latter date sounds more plausible and I hope to find something to resolve the question.  However, unless another source is found that I'm not aware of, I have some doubts we'll be able to go further back than Jacob.  I hope I'm wrong.

 Gregor Skroch 1759 Baptism
Baptism Record Gregor (Greger) Skroch, 1759

Translation from Thomas Bauch-Mertens, 2010:
Von Schialkowitz
den 10 Marty hat gettauft P.Johan Malisch Coop. ein Kind nahmens Gregor
Vatter Jacob Skroch Bauer, Mutter
Christina Path. Ewa Kamlino ?????
Maria Semioska Gärthnerin, THomas
Pampuch Bauer, alle 3 von Schialkowitz
from Schalkowitz
the 10th march was baptized by cooperator Johan Malisch a boy with name Gregor
Father  Jacob Skroch Farmer, mother
Christina Godfather/godmother Ewa Kamlino ????
Maria Semioska small farmer, Thomas
Pampuch farmer, all 3 from Schalkowitz
Path.== Pathen == Paten == Godfathers/mothers
Gärthner == Gärtner == small farmer
Coop.==Coöperator== cooperator == secondary priest
btw. the main priest of Siolkowice/Schalkowitz 1758/59 was Gallus Kilian

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Subject:     1789 Marriage Record of Gregor Skroch and Susanna Fiecek
Date:     Fri, 9 Jul 2010 09:34:47 -0700
From:     Martin Pool

Hi all,
Attached is the marriage record of Gregor (Grzeisz) Skroch (b.1759) and Susanna Fiecek (b.1767).  They are the parents of Simon Skroch.  The marriage record shows Gregor's father as Jacob Skroch and Susanna's father as Kristek Fiecek.  Witnesses are Woitek Skroch and Casper Stampka.  Here is Woitek (again!) who appeared as a witness 13 years earlier at Michael Skroch's wedding.
By the way, all the marriage records I sent in the last few days are from LDS Film#0937164.

Gregor Skroch and Susanna Fiecek 1789
                              Marriage p1
1789 Marriage Record of Gregor Skroch and Susanna Fiecek, Page 1

Gregor Skroch and Susanna Fiecek 1789
                              Marriage p2
1789 Marriage Record of Gregor Skroch and Susanna Fiecek, Page 2

Detail: Susanna (Zusanna) Fieck

Susanna Fiecek 1767 Baptism
Baptism Record, Susanna (Zuzanna) Fieck, 1767

Detail: Maria Skroch

Maria Skroch    b.5-2-1796 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.6-1-1823 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland    d.1-13-1841 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married:  Andreas Niemczyk    b.abt.1795     m.6-1-1823 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland    (father: Joseph Niemcyzk from Dobern)

Andreas Niemczyk    b.1824/25     d.5-1-1825 in Poppelau Klink, Opole, Poland
Andreas Niemczyk    d.3-29-1829 in Klink, Opole, Poland
Johann Niemczyk    b.5-22-1830     d.5-23-1830 in Klink, Opole, Poland
Michael Niemczyk    b.8-26-1833     d.8-31-1833 in Neu Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Rosina Skroch

Rosina Skroch    b.9-?-1799 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.2-20-1807 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Anna (1) Skroch

Anna Skroch    b.6-10-1809 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.2-13-1810 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Anna (2) Skroch

Anna Skroch    b.3-23-1812 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

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