Name: Jacob Skroch, detail
Parents:  ?
Lineage: <none, this is current root of tree>
Spouses:  1
Children:  4

DOB: ~1706
POB: ?
DOD:  14 Dec 1783
POD:  Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
Spouse: Christina
Spouse Parents:  ?
Married: ?
DOB: ?
POB: ?
DOD:  ?
POD: ?
Michael, bpt 27 Aug 1753
Hedwig, bpt 17 Aug 1756, detail
Gregor "Grzesch", bpt 10 Mar 1759
Joseph, 11 Oct 1764

Detail: Jacob Skroch

Current root of this Skroch family tree.  Data obtained by Martin Pool from his family research "Skrochs in Poppelau, Colonie Poppelau (Klink), Schalkowitz, Colonie Schalkowitz,  Chroscutz, Hirschfelde, Sacken, (all in Opole, Poland) - Updated 2014 available for download from this site."

There is some uncertainty if this Jacob was born in 1706.  Data from a record  "Jacob Skroch    b.abt.1706    d.12-14-1783 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland" is currently being used as the actual data for this individual in order to construct this website record.

Email from Thomas Bauch-Mertens, 3 Jun 2010:

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Subject:     AW: Gregor Skroch - 1759 Baptism; Susanna Fiecek - 1767 Baptism
Date:     Thu, 3 Jun 2010 19:28:51 +0200
From:     Thomas Bauch-Mertens
To:     'Martin Pool' , 'Joan Murphy', <>, <>, <>, <kskroch@>, 'Betty Brooks', 'John Waters', 'Dad&Jeannine', 'Richard Sygulla'

Hello Martin, Hello everyone,
I think your Gregor was a military. In the records of Simons brothers (Blasek and Mathias) he was named with the military rank of a "Husar" (Hussar).
The brother of Gregor with name Joseph was also a military. This Joseph Skroch is my 6g grandfather .
By the way the birthyear of Gregor is 1758 not 1759 and the name 'Christek' is normally the silesian version of 'Christoph'... <note: later disproven that 1759 is correct.>
I found also a death-record of a Jacob Skroch in Dec 1783 with age of 77 years.  Until today I found no other death-record of another Jacob....Maybe this is our Jacob !
when Jacob is also from Schalkowitz this will be a "dead-end", because the older church books were destroyed during a fire in Schalkowitz at June 13 1755 ...
best regards, Thomas

Email from Thomas Bauch-Mertens, 7 Jun 2010:

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Subject:     AW: Michael Skroch - 1753 Baptism - and a break through ... perhaps!
Date:     Mon, 7 Jun 2010 18:13:45 +0200
From:     Thomas Bauch-Mertens
To:     'Martin Pool', 'Joan Murphy', <dawnkwillson@>, <dwollan@>, <>, <kskroch@>, 'Betty Brooks', 'John Waters' , 'Dad&Jeannine', 'Richard Sygulla'

Hi everyone, Hello Martin,
I think Jacob is the current progenitor of the Skrochs. Yes first Joanis was written as the Father but changed to Jacobi. It looks like the same script.
I had a look to the godfathers/godmother.
Everywhere you can find Pampuch, Symitzek and Kamla... So I'll take it as Jacob Skroch.

1753-08-27 Skroch, Michael Jacob  (Or Joannis?) Christina Schalkowitz Valentin Kamla.;
Simon Symicek;
Ewa pampuska;
1756-08-17 Skroch, Hedwig Jacob Christina Schalkowitz Ewa des Thomas Pampuch Eheweib;
Maria des Simon Semitzek Eheweib;

Valentin Kamla.;
1758-03-10 Skroch, Gregor Jacob Christina Schalkowitz Maria Semioska,
Ewa Kamlino,
Thomas Pampuch
1764-10-11 Skroch, Joseph Jacob Christina Schalkowitz Maria Szemickowo,
Ewa Kamlino,
Simon Jendrosek
And it's not Ludwig. It is Hedwig Skroch.
best regards, Thomas

Detail: Hedwig Skroch

Hedwig Skroch    bpt.8-17-1756 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland    m.6-3-1783 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.9-11-1830 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland

Married:  Johan Engel    b.5-16-1752 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.6-3-1783 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.1-25-1823 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland  (parents: Johanes Engel and Mariana)

Krestek Engel   bpt.4-12-1786 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
Mariana Engel   bpt.9-3-1788 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
Susanna Engel   bpt.2-21-1791 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
Joseph Engel   bpt.3-19-1799 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland

                    Skroch 1756 Baptism
Hedwig Skroch, Baptism Record, 1756

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