Name: Michael Skroch, detail
Parents:  Jacob Skroch and Christina
Lineage: Jacob
Spouses:  2
Children:  7

DOB: bpt 27 Aug 1753
POB: Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
DOD:  10 Feb 1819
POD:  Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Spouse: Hedwig Jarzombek
Spouse Parents:  Johann Jarzombek, 1725-1774
Married: 26 Jul 1776, Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland
DOB: ~1754
POB: ?
DOD:  4 Apr 1812, Poppelau, Opole, Poland
POD: ?
Dorthea, bpt 6 Feb 1779, detail
Valentin, 28 Jan 1781
Maria, bpt 15 Jun 1785, detail
Kristena "Christina", bpt 14 Mar 1789, detial
Hedwig, ~1790-1791, detail
Urbon "Urban", bpt 24 May 1791, d 8 Jun 1794, Opole

Spouse2: Hedwig Bartylla
Spouse Parents:  ?
Married: 1 Feb 1813 in Poppelau
DOB: ~1789
POB: ?
DOD:  ?
POD: ?
Justina, ~1817, d. 16 Oct 1820

Detail: Michael Skroch

Michael Skroch    bpt.8-27-1753 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland    m1.7-16-1776 in Schalkowitz    m2.2-1-1813 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.2-10-1819 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

From his son Valintin's baptism record, we know that Michael was a farmer.

Michael Skroch was identified as the godfather to Krestek Skuphin.

Email from Martin Pool, 6 Jun 2010:

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Subject:     Michael Skroch - 1753 Baptism - and a break through ... perhaps!
Date:     Sun, 6 Jun 2010 16:39:20 -0700
From:     Martin Pool
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Hi everyone,

Here’s a really exciting find which I believe may connect the Simon line and the Jacob line … and connect those two lines to Thomas Bauch-Mertens’ line as well.

Attached is the baptism record for Michaelem (Michael) Skroch from 1753.  I believe this is written in Latin as I’ve noticed that many names have “em” or “um” or “is” or “us” or “ius” added at the end of the names.  The baptism record is from August 27, 1753.

Now, some of this is open to interpretation as the script is difficult to read so I will leave it up to you to decide if you see the same thing I see.   Here, the name of Michael’s father as originally written looks to me like Joannis Skroch.  The name Joannis is then crossed out, and what appears to me the name Jacob is written above it.  This name is then followed by A M:Christina ( the M being an abbreviation for Matre, or mother in Latin).  I’ve added a second attachment to show a close-up of the name so you can decide for yourselves.

Based on what I’ve found so far, and assuming my interpretations are correct, Jacob Skroch appears to be the progenitor of most of the Skroch families in the U.S.   Here then is what I have:

1.Jacob Skroch
         2.  Michael  Skroch   bpt.27 Aug 1753  (this is the Valentin - Jacob b.1804 line)
         2.  Hedwig Skroch    bpt.17 Aug 1756  (name could be Hedwig, but looks more like Ludwig to me)
         2.  Gregor Skroch    bpt.10 Mar 1759  (this is the Simon b.1802 line)
                  +Susanna Fiecek
         2.  Joseph Skroch    bpt.11 Oct 1764  (this is Thomas Bauch-Mertens’ line )

I don’t think that when dealing with records this old that we can ever be 100% sure of anything, and normally I would want at least two independent sources, but given the limited information we have, I feel that what I’ve presented here is probably correct.   I hope you found this as interesting as I did.

With regards,


Michael Skroch 1753 Baptism
Michael Skroch, Baptism Record, 1759

Michael_Skroch and Hedwig Jarzornbek 1776
                    Marriage 1
1776 Marriage Record of Michael Skroch and Hedwig Jarzornbek, Page 1

Translation by Thomas Bauch-Mertens, 2010:

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Subject:     AW: 1776 Marriage Record of Michael Skroch and Hedwig Jarzornbek
Date:     Thu, 8 Jul 2010 19:58:48 +0200
From:     Thomas Bauch-Mertens

Hi Martin, Hi all....
it is written:
Ist in allhiesiger Kirche getraut worden der ehrbare Junggeselle namens Michael Skroch des Auszüglers Jacob Skroch von Siol. leibl.Sohn mit der Ehr???? Jungfer Hedwig leibl.Tochter des ??? Gärtners Johan Jarzombek (or Jarzornbek) von Poppel.
Zeugen sind gewesen Woitek Skroch, Casper Stampka beide Bauer von Siol.
allhiesiger Kirche ==  local church
ehrbare Junggeselle == respectable bachelor
von Siol.== from Siolkowice / Schalkowitz
von Poppel.== from Poppelau / Popielow
leibl.Sohn == leiblicher Sohn == bodily son
Gärtners == Gardener == small Farmer
Bauer == Farmer
I found Michael Skroch born 27.8.1753 in Siolkowice/Schalkowitz. His father Jacob Skroch is born round 1734. Martin, this Jacob Skroch must be our 5G grandfather !!!!
best regards, Thomas

Michael_Skroch and Hedwig Jarzornbek 1776
                    Marriage 2
1776 Marriage Record of Michael Skroch and Hedwig Jarzornbek, Page 2

Detail: Dorthea Skroch

Dorothea Skroch    bpt.2-6-1779 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.5-31-1797 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.1-14-1851 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married: Simon Rychlik (Rychlig)    bpt.10-15-1772 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.5-31-1797 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland   (parents: Jacob Rechlik and Hedwig Zuza)

Christina Rychlik    bpt.2-23-1803 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Barbara Rychlik    bpt.12-3-1805 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Maria Rychlik    bpt.6-22-1808 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Anna Rychlik    bpt.2-3-1811 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Woitek Rychlik    bpt.4-10-1814 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Catharina Rychlik    bpt.11-29-1815 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Maria Skroch

Maria Skroch   bpt.6-15-1785 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland     d.7-27-1847 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married:  Matthias (Macjiec) Kania

Elisabeth Kania    bpt.6-26-1815 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Kristena "Christina" Skroch

Kristena (Christina)  Skroch    bpt.3-14-1789 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.4-18-1815 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.9-16-1848 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married:  Adalbert (Woitek) Kilisch    b.abt.1776    m.4-18-1815 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Johann Kilisch    b.abt.1817    d.3-9-1819 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Theresia Kilisch    b.10-8-1820    d.10-11-1820 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Franz Kilisch    b.10-8-1820    d.10-16-1820 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Michael Kilisch    b.abt.1821    d.11-6-1821 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Beata Kilisch    b.abt.1822    d.10-12-1833 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Anna Kilisch    b.abt.1825    d.5-5-1826 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Johann Kilisch    b.abt.1826    d.1-22-1827 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Hedwig Skroch

Hedwig Skroch    b.abt.1790/91    m.10-16-1821 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married:  Lorenz Lysly (Lysy)   b.abt.1781  (from Dammratsch/Falkowitz, Schleisen, Poland)

Franz Lysly (Lysy)    bpt.11-26-1822 in Falkowitz, Schleisen, Poland

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