Name: Valentin Skroch, detail
Parents:  Michael Skroch and Hedwig
Lineage: Michael, Jacob
Spouses:  1
Children:  8

DOB: 28 Jan 1781
POB: Hirschfelde, Opole, Poland
DOD:  17 Jan 1826
POD: Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Spouse: Maria Susa (Zuza)
Spouse Parents:  Gregor Zuza and Anna Prudlik
Married: 21 Jun 1803 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland  
DOB: bpt.3-10-1786
POB: Poppelau, Opole, Poland
DOD:  2 Dec 1860 
POD: Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Jacob Skroch , 24 Jul 1804
Anna Skroch, 26 Dec 1806, detail
Maria, ~1809, Poppelau, d 16 Jan 1810
Andreas, 26 Nov 1810, Poppelau, d 31 Dec 1828 Poppelau
Agnes, ~1816 d 8 Feb 1820 in Poppelau
Adalbert, ~1819, d 18 Feb 1820 in Poppelau
Catharina, ~1822, detail
Theresia, ~1825, detail

Detail: Valentin Skroch

From Martin Pool, email 24 Sep 2010:

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Subject:     The Five Children of Valentin Skroch and Maria Susa
Date:     Thu, 23 Sep 2010 23:52:34 -0700
From:     Martin Pool

Hi everyone.  Here's some additional information you may be interested in.
Valentin Skroch (1781 - 1826) and Maria Susa (1786 - 1860), according to Valentin's death record, had five surviving children at the time of his death.
Based on previous research, Jacob (born 1804) was determined to be one of the children.  The identity of the other four have been a source of some mystery.  During my recent research of baptismal records, I found two of the children:  Anna (born 1806) and Andreas (born 1810).  I believe I sent you all copies of those records.
Unfortunately, LDS microfilm baptismal records for Poppelau (Popielow) are not available after 1815 and I think perhaps the original records may be lost or destroyed.  This made it difficult to find the remaining two children.
Fortunately, marriage and death records are still available after this period, and based on those records, there is indirect evidence of who the remaining two children are.  I'm fairly confident the two youngest are:  Catharina (born about 1822) and Theresia (born about 1825).  This is based on their marriage records which show Catharina (daughter of Valentin Skroch) marrying Blasek Moczko on 31 Jul 1849 in Poppelau and Theresia (daughter of Valentin Skroch) marrying Joseph Gorlich (or Gerlich) on 18 Jan 1858 in Poppelau.
There is further evidence for Theresia in that Maria (Susa) Skroch's death record dated 02 Dec 1860 lists three surviving children: Jacob, Anna, and Theresia.  I did find that Andreas died in 1828 at the age of 18 and I believe Catharina must have died before 1860.
So this is what I have -  all baptisms, marriages, and deaths listed below are in Poppelau:
Valentin Skroch    b.28 Jan 1781    m.21 Jun 1803    d.17 Jan 1826
  +Marias Susa (Zuza)    bpt.10 Mar 1786    m.21 Jun 1803    d.02 Dec 1860
Their children are:
Jacob Skroch    b.24 Jul 1804     d.31 Mar 1869
Anna Skroch     b.26 Dec 1806
Andreas Skroch     b.26 Nov 1810    d.31 Dec 1828
Catharina Skroch    b.abt.1822    m.31 Jul 1849    d.bef.1860
Theresia Skroch    b.abt.1825    m.18 Jan 1858
Let me know if you have any questions.
From Martin Pool, email 8 Apr 2010:
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Subject:     Valentin Skroch - 1781 Baptism
Date:     Thu, 8 Apr 2010 15:55:01 -0700
From:     Martin Pool
To:     <>, ... <list deleted>

Hi everyone,
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I was excited to find an entry in the LDS microfilm #2099221 regarding Valentin Skroch.  Attached is an image showing the baptism record of Valentin Skroch dated January 28, 1781.  His father is Michael Skroch and mother is Hedwig.  I was excited because his birth year matches what is posted on, and therefore would appear to be a strong candidate to be our direct line.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.
Perhaps Thomas could provide a translation of the record for us?
I've only been able to go partly through the film, but Valentin appears to be the second child.  There is an earlier entry for Michael and Hedwig Skroch who had a daughter Dorothea baptised on February 6, 1779.  I will continue the research and see if they had more children.
It's sort of poetic, don't you think Michael, that your namesake may be one of our early ancestors?

Valentine Skroch born 1871 Baptism Record LDS
                    Microfile 2099221

Translation email of baptism record from Thomas Bauch-Mertens:
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Subject:     <translation> Valentin Skroch - 1781 Baptism
Date:     Sat, 10 Apr 2010 14:41:08 +0200
From:     Thomas Bauch-Mertens <>
To:     <dwollan@...>, <kskroch@...>, <cathbrown2@...>, <magicmrkrwmn@...>, <ruthcoffman@...>, "'Betty Brooks'", "'Dad&Jeannine'" <jjskroch@...>, "'Martin Pool'" <>, <>, <dawnkwillson@g...>

Hello together,
here a small translation of the old german script.
28. Januar 1781 Poppellau
Ist des Gärthner Michael Skroch von seinem Ehew. Hedwig früh Vormittag um 3 Uhr geborens Knäbl.(=Knäblein) mit Namen Valentin getauft.
Is gardener Michael Skroch from his Wife Hedwig early morning at 3 o'clock a boy born and baptized with name Valentin.
Pathen sind gewesen Agnetha Ehew. des Gärthners Jasch Pieterek, Christoph ?Skupin? Gärthner, Thomek Kuka Bauer
Godparents were Agnetha Wife of gardener Jasch Pieterek, Christoph ?Skupin? gardener, Thomek Kuka Farmer
A Gardener is a 'small' farmer...
Ehew. (=Eheweib) = wife
Jasch (=silesian for Johan or Johannes) or (english John)
Thomek (=silesian for Thomas)
By the way... 3 days ago I was on vacation and visit the church were the baptism was done.

The church is now placed on the cemetery, but was placed earlier where the 'newer' church was build ~100 years ago..

best regards, Thomas
Mit freundlichem Gruße / pozdrawiam
Thomas Bauch-Mertens
D - 15831 Mahlow

From Tomas Bauch-Mertens:

Click on image for larger version.  Birth record of Jacob Skroch identified by Kevin Skroch (son of  Emil George Jr. ) who indicates "...record of Valentin and Maria Skroch - 1804 - Popielow. Film # 0937161. Stare Siolkowice years 1751-1812."  Translation from Thomas Bauch-Mertens and his grandmother, both in Germany, indicates that the document is wrtten in "old German," called "Suetterlin."
Der Tag, an dem die Taufe verrichtet:
The day, on which the baptism was done.

Poppelau, den 24ten July
Poppelau, the 24th July...

...wurde dem ??? Valentin Skroch und seinem Weibe Maria ein Knabe geboren
und Jacob getauft. the ??? Valentin Skroch and his Wife Maria a Boy born and Jacob

The second sentence seems to be a listing of witnesses...
Simon Wozny, Maria Valentin,Christina Wiezyala.

From Tomas Bauch-Mertens on 13 Apr 2003:

On my search last weekend to our skroch-ancestors I found some informations... Have a look:

I found 2 death-records to 2 different Valentin Skroch:

1. Valentin Skroch
died: 17.02.1826 in Poppelau
45 year old (implies born 1781)     [mjs: This Valentine would have been 23 years old when Jacob was born]
5 Children

2. Valentin Skroch
died: 03.07.1833 in Schalkowitz
42 year old (implies born 1791)    
[mjs: This Valentine would have been 13 years old when Jacob was born]
? Children

More data from Thomas Bauch-Mertens regarding an original search for other "Valentin" references that we are keeping for future use:

Wallentin (Valentin) Skroch    married with    Maria Geogrkin
    Son of Wallentin was Michael Skroch born 14.9.1786 Falkowitz, died 25.9.1788
Walek (Valentin) born  ~1740  married (at age of 60) 19.4.1800 in Falkowitz with Anna Reslin (at age of  54)
Walentin (Valentin) Skroch born  ~1779 married at 21.6.1803 in Poppelau  Maria  Luga ? (or Susa???)  born ~1785
    Walentin was the son of Michael Skroch.
    Son of Walentin was Jacob Skroch born 24.7.1804
        (That are the ancestors of Kevin Troy Skroch)
Valentin  Skroch born ~1781 , died 17.1.1826 (at age of 45) in Poppelau
    he had 5 children when he  died
Valentin Skroch born ~1784 in Hirschfelde was married to Maria
Valentin Skroch born ~1791 married (at age of 28) to Maria Janek on 10.5.1819 in Schalkowitz
    Valentin died 1.7.1833 in Schalkowitz (at age of 42)
    dauther was Christina Skroch born 18.4.1820
Wallentin (Valentin) Skroch born 6.2.1796 in Falkowitz
    Father was Bartek  Skroch
Valek (Valentin) Skroch married to Hedwige
    daughter was Maria Skroch born 09.12.1804 in Schalkowitz
    sons were Skroch,Jacob born 1802-07-02, and Skroch,Nikolaus born 1806-12-03 
        and Skroch,Grzerch born1811-03-10

Death Record of Valentin Skroch via email from Tomas Bauch-Mertens on 24 Nov 2003:
Row 4 of Death Record
"Poppelau den 17.Januar" (1826)
"Starb der Gärtner Valentin Skroch und wurde den 19ten begraben"
"45 Jahre"
"Folgen des unglücklichen ?Dru...? von ?einem? ?Bauern?. Erben sein
Eheweib und 5 Kinder."

Thomas translates from German to English:

"Poppelau the 17.January" (1826)
"Died the gardener Valentin Skroch and bury on 19th"
"45 Years"
"in result of the unlucky ?Dru..? from a ?farmer?. Inherit his wife and 5 children."
Valentin Death Record

27 Mar 2010 : Possible lead ... "Im John Bjorge, one of my ancestors was a Maria Skroch who was said to be the daughter of Valentin Skroch. Could you help me with this. Maria was born around 1813. Maria married Jacob Kubis around 1834. I hope i have the right Valentin Skroch."

Detail: Anna Skroch

Anna Skroch    b.12-26-1806 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Email from Martin Pool, 19 Apr 2010:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:     Anna Skroch - 1806 Baptism; Andreas Skroch - 1810 baptism
Date:     Mon, 19 Apr 2010 16:38:56 -0700
From:     Martin Pool
To:     <>, Richard Sygulla
CC:     <dwollan@>, <>, <dawnkwillson@>, <kskroch@>, Joan Murphy, Dad&Jeannine, Betty Brooks, <artbjorge@>

Hi everyone.
Some exciting news.  I think this will help clear up some of the puzzle surrounding Valentin.  I think I may have found two more of Valentin's children:  Anna and Andreas.
We'll have to ask Thomas for translations of the attached to be sure, but one attachment is the baptism of Anna Skroch on 26 Dec 1806.  The second attachment is a close-up of the same record.  Father is Valentin Skroch and mother looks to me like Maria Susa.
The third attachment is the baptism record of Andreas Skroch on 26 Nov 1810.  Father is Walek Skroch and mother is Maria Zusa.  However, I'm pretty sure this is the same Valentin and Maria.  As Thomas explained, Walek is another variation of Valentin.
Thomas, can you help us with the translation please?  I feel very fortunate to have you as our cousin.
Both records are from LDS film#09737161.  Unfortunately, this roll only goes to June, 1812 so I will have to order a different roll to look for the rest of Valentin and Maria's children.  It will take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive.
The suspense is killing me.
Anna Skroch on 26 Dec 1806 LDS

Detail: Catharina Skroch

Catharina Skroch    b.abt.1822   m.7-31-1849 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married  Blasek Moczko    b.abt.1804

Detail: Theresia Skroch

Theresia Skroch    b.abt.1825    m.1-18-1858 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Married  Joseph Goerlich (Gerlich, Gorlich)    b.abt.1829    m.1-18-1858 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Johann Goerlich    b.abt.1861    d.4-21-1863 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland
Joseph Goerlich    b.abt.1872    d.1-4-1873 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland

Detail: Andreas Skroch

Baptism Record, LDS film#09737161.

Andreas Skroch 1810 baptism LDS 09737161


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