Name: Matthias (Mathew, Macie) Skroch, detail
Parents:  Simon Skroch and Elizabeth Klink
Lineage: Simon, Gregor, Jacob
Spouses:  1
Children:  4 (8?)  Infant deaths might not be known.

DOB: 24 Feb1834
POB: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
DOD:  22 Nov 1873
POD: Independence, WI
Spouse: Anna Neva, detail
Spouse Parents:  Valentine Niva and Susan Korzonek
Married: 26 Jan 1858, Poppelau, Opole, Poland
DOB: 1834
POB: Popielow, Upper Seliesa, Poland
DOD:  08 Mar 1921
POD: Independence, WI
Maria "Mary", 2 Sep 1858, detail
Peter "Piotr, Lame Pete", 02 Dec 1860
Anna, ~1862, detail
Franz "Frank" William, 28 Nov 1865
John Thomas, 04 Jan 1870

Note: (record of 3 boys, 5 girls from Frank Skroch bio--see at link to Frank Skroch)

Detail: Matthias (Mathew) Skroch

Arrived on Steamer "Bavaria" from Hamburg, Germany to New York on May 18, 1868 (with wife Anna 34, Marie 7, Peter 6, Anne 5, Franz 6 mo.) and settled in Maule Coule, near Independence.  Farmer.  Died of a salt barrel rolling on him or runnaway horses.  <possibly per email of Joan Murphy 17 Feb 2002, confirmed by Melissa Hubbard, Tucson, AZ -- wagon accident>  See more detail in biography of Frank Skroch.

Relocated to Independence, WI from Poland in about 1868-1869.

Mathias (Maciej, Mathew) Skroch    b.2-24-1834 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland     m.1-26-1858 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.11-22-1873 in Independence, Trempealeau WI (died in a wagon accident)

Mathias Skroch and Anna Niva 1858 Marriage p1
1858 Marriage Record of Mathias Skroch and Anna Niva, Page 1

Mathias Skroch and Anna Niva 1858 Marriage p2
1858 Marriage Record of Mathias Skroch and Anna Niva, Page 2

Detail: Anna Neva

Matthias' wife:

Anna Neva (Niwa, Niva)    b.4-16-1834 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.1-26-1858 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    d.3-8-1921 in Independence, Trempealeau, WI   (remarried to Urban Sylla 6-8-1874)

Anna Neva Skroch remarried to Urban Sylia 8 Jun 1974.  Anna died at 87 years old.

    Charles Sylla

Anna (Neva)
Picture courtesy La Vern Skroch.  See Peter Skroch for more detailed image.

Other information provided by:

Mrs. Frank N. Skroch; 1301 Gardenette Dr. Apt 1; Jamestown, ND 58401, and
Jack and Mildred Wilkinson Neva; Montpelier, ND, 58872

"Andrew Wiench's first wife was Kthryn Neva, daughter of Michael Neva and Elizabeth Lukastek, died Feb 5, 1895 at 25 years."

Detail: Mary Skroch

Maria (Mary) Skroch    b.9-2-1858 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.2-2-1874 in Arcadia, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.8-13-1932 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI  (immigrated 5-18-1868 on "Bavaria" to New York)

Maried: Jacob Kulig
Jacob & Mary (Skroch) Kulig
Jacob & Mary (Skroch) Kulig
Jacob & Mary
                          (Skroch) Kulig & Children

Adults: Jacob & Mary (Skroch) Kulig


Louis Kulig (back row)
Joseph, Agatha, William, Rose Mary

From Joan Murphy: "The photo taken in Independence, Wisconsin with the  family of 5 children. My mother (Verna Kulig Halama - daughter of William, the baby in this picture) claims she also saw this same photo about a year ago at her brother's house. My mother knew all the people. It is the Jacob and Mary (Skroch) Kulig family. Boy behind is Louis Kulig, little boy on left is Joseph Kulig, little girl on Jacob's lap is Agatha Kulig (she later married a Maule), the baby in the mother's arms is William Kulig (my grandfather), and the girl standing on the right is Rose who became a nun. (Her name is either Rose or Mary, I need to check that). William Kulig was born in June of 1894 so that dates that photo definitely in 1894 because of the age of the baby."

Jacob and Mary Kulig's 58th Wedding Anniversary

Friday February 19th, 1932

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Subject:     Jacob Kulig article
Date:     Fri, 27 Aug 2010 11:53:20 +0000
From:     Joan Murphy

Attached is the article of Jacob and Mary Kulig's 58th anniversary.  My mother had the entire Independence paper from 1932.  Quite yellowed by now.  I was hesitant to send it before because I saw descrepencies in the article.  There were really 11 children but the article says 10.  They had lost 4 at very early ages so maybe Jacob just didn't think of them all as he was telling the story.  Also I can't figure out why Mary would have been staying by Trempealeau when the farms were east of Independence.  She could have been helping out other families as she got older.
On February 2, 1932, Mr. and Mrs.. Jaco'b Kulig celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary in a very Quiet way at their home near SS.Peter & Paul's church in Independence.

On July 22, 1853, Mr, Kulig was born in Shalkowitz, Silesia, and in the spring of 1868, in, company with his brother Hyacinth, and sister Agatha, he started for the United States, where, they had been told, was the land of freedom and opportunity.

Many new and strange experiences were felt by this boy of fifteen in the trip to Hamburg, thence to Quebec, by rail to Chicago, and across to La Crosse and up the river to Trempealeau. Perhaps the most thrilling was the sight of miles and miles of rich farm land at that time only about half settled, to this Polish boy who had come from the crowded farming section of central Europe.

He lived with his sister at North Creek, near Arcadia, or the first few years, learning the new methods and broadening his experience to meet the many hardships that tested the mettle of the Pioneers in this country.  Arcadia consisted of a general store and a mill, and Independence was located at New City and was merely a crossroad junction.

When yet a boy, he worked for various of the more settled farmers and before he was twenty had gathered enough to homestead a farm in Maule Coulee, marry, and begin his real life's work.
About two weeks' before Jaeob Kullig started to America in 1868, another party left from Poppeleau, a town four miles from Shalkowitz, and came through New York to Trempealeau. In this party was a little girl of ten, Mary Skroch, who was born in Poppeleau September 2, 1858. She lived with, relatives in Trempealeau until February 2, 1874 when she married Jacob Kulig and went with him to Maule Coulee. Here they worked diligently, and through unceasing toil and perseverance managed to make a home for ten children, and as the boys grew to manhood, bought them farms, so that each would have a fair .start on the rough road of life.

Pioneers with the fire and ambition of Mr. and Mrs. Kulig are the sort of pioneers that have helped to make Trempealeau County the garden spot of Wisconsin. Frugil , hardworking men that love the land and help to build it up and keep it in shape to produce year after year are the backbone of the metoeric rise of the United States from a series of colonies to the place it holds today. The debt we owe these people can never be repaid and only words of commendation and praise can be given which they richly deserve.

A few days ago, when asked for information about the anniversary celebration, Mr. Kulig was in the midst of a huge woodpile that he was chopping up and handling an axe in a manner to make anyone envious. The thermometer was around zero, yet he was rather reluctant to stop long enough to give the information we asked. His wife was also buisily engaged in housework and both seemed to be enjoying the best of health.
Their children are: Louis Kulig, Independence; Joseph, Maule Coulee; Agatha Maule, Whitehall; William, Maule Coulee; Simon, Maule Coulee; and Bert, on farm east of Independence. Those whom death has claimed are Mary, a sister who died after seventeen years of service; Thomas, who lived only a week; Jacob, living a day; Annie, three and a half years, and Frank, one and a half years.

On May 29, l923, Hyacinth; a brother of Jacob, celebrated his Golden wedding anniversary, and on May of next year will have been married 60 years. This is truly a wonderful record of health and service for any family. It is hoped that they will enjoy their good health for some years to come and enjoy the blessings of so rich a life.

Jacob and Mary Kulig's 58th Wedding
                            Anniversary Article 1932

Luis Kulig, DOB: 1881, DOD: 1955

Married ANNA SLABY, born 1897, died 1977
Layola, 1908
Mary, 1911,  m. Dorsey Shemewerk, b. 1906; d. 1974.
Sandra Skenewerk, ?
Mary Low, ?
Aloizy, 1913, m. Eleanore Waldera
James, ?, m. Donna
Jerry, ?. m. Sue Reuter
Theresa, 1917, m. Benedict Bautch
Barbara, ?
Richard, ?
Bernard, 1921, m. Delores Walders, b. 1930.
Michael, ?
Debra, ?
Karen, ?
Fay, ?
Alphonse, b 1923, m. Virginia Wright
Kevin, ?
Kristine, ?
Brian, ?
Shawn, ?
Kimary, ?
Dominic, ? (died as infant)
Lewis, ? (died as infant)
Adolph, 1919; d. 1919 (died as infant)

Sister Rose Mary Kulig, 1888,  DOD: 1920

Joseph P. Kulig, 1890, DOD: 1949

Married Patronella Bautch, b 1893.
Helen, ?, m. Aloizy Sylla
Harry, 1916, m Eleanore Halama, b. 1921
Caroline, ?, m. Frank Prohop
Ralph, 1919, m. Vcitoria Rossa
Arthur, ?, m. Irene Marsolch
Patricia, ?, m. Joseph J. Gojmarec
Margaret, ?, m. Albert Woychick
Joe, ?, m. Bernice Smik
Jacob, ? (never married)

Agatha Kulig, 1892, DOD: 1948

Married Ignatz Maule, b. 1887, d. 1969.
Aloizy, 1913, d. 1930 (never married)
Celia, 1915 (never married)
Anna, 1917, m. Joseph Knusalla
Jerome, ?
Theresa, ?, m. Ralph Shumway
Tricia, ?
Ronald, ?, m. Donna Penderson
Jeffrey, ?
James, ?
Frank, 1919, d. 1972 (never married)
Clarance, 1923 (never married)
Genevieve, 1921, m. Kenneth Johnson
Dennis, ?
Dawn, ?
Dustin, ?
Roman, 1926, m. Joan Drahe
Judy, ?, m. Patuch Carlson
Mary, ?, m. Gary Nudd
Michelle, ?
Roman Jr., ?
Velentine, 1929, d. 1961 (never married)
Ignatz (Henry), 1931, m. Barbara Peloroski
Charles, ?
Nancy, ?
David, ?
Agatha, 1933, m.
Married (1) Jacobs
Patricia, ?
Kathleen, ?
Gordon, ?
David, ?
Jeffrey, ?
Daniel, ?
Married (2) Clayton Arenson

William Kulig, 1894, DOD: 1964

Married (1) Elizabeth Wiench, b.1898, d. 1930

Verna, 1916, m. Aloizy Halama, b. 1916
Bernice, 1920, m. Ruth Suchla, b. 1927
Adalph, 1921 (never married)
Eleanore, 1922, m. Art. Drangstueit, b. 1921
Clifford, 1923 (never married)
Clarance, 1924, m. Theresa Klink, b. 1929
Anton, 1926, m. Doris Gruntzel, b 1929
Adeline, 1927, m. Jospeh Puccini, b 1924
Edward, 1928, m. Arlene Killian, b 1937, d. 1977
Amy, ?
William, ?
William, 1930, d. 1935
Married (2) Julia Kwosek, b. 1913
Rosmary, 1935, m. Bernice Sosalla, b. 1924
Rolland, 1937, m. Doris
Renetta, 1939, m. Ray Maule
Richard, 1941 (killed)
Robert, 1940, d. 1940
Ruth, ?, m. Martin Marsolek

Simon (Sam) Kulig, 1896, DOD: 1972

Married Elizabeth Kuka
Dorthy, ?, m. Rudy Divorschach
Clara, ?, m. Lavern Schepard
Rudy, ?, m. Lucelle Klundby
Charles, ?
Clifford, 1919, d. 1919

Bert Kulig, 1898, DOD: 1966

Married Clara Rombalski, b.1901, d. 1958
Marcel, ?, m. Madeline
Peter, ?, m. Modesta Susa (no children)
Phillip, ?, d. 1933 (killed)

Thomas Kulig, ? (died as infant)
Jacob Kulig, ? (died as infant)
Frank Kulig, ? (died as infant)
Anna Kulig, ? (died as infant)

Separate data from Martin Pool's records:


  • Jacob Kulig     b.bef.1880    d.bef.1880
  • Thomas Kulig     b.bef.1880    d.bef.1880
  • Frank Kulig     b.bef.1880    d.bef.1880
  • Anna Kulig     b.bef.1880    d.bef.1880
  • Ludwig "Louis" Kulig    b.3-25-1881 in Trempealeau Co., WI    d.abt.1955, married nna Slaby    b.abt.1897    d.abt.1977
  • Rose Mary Kulig    b.abt.1888 in Trempealeau Co., WI  (became a nun)    d.abt.1920
  • Joseph P. Kulig    b.abt.1890 in Trempealeau Co., WI    d.1-5-1949 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI, married Petronella Bautch    b.abt.1893
  • Agatha Kulig    b.abt.1892 in Trempealeau Co., WI    d.5-8-1948 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI, married Ignatz Maule    b.abt.1887    d.abt.1969
  • William (Willhelm) Kulig    b.6-24-1894 in Trempealeau Co., WI    m.10-16-1917    d.9-11-1964 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI, married  Elizabeth Wiench    b.11-17-1898 in WI    m.10-16-1917    d.9-10-1930
  • Verna Kulig    b.3-28-1919 in Trempealeau Co., WI, married Aloizy Halama    b.abt.1916

From Joan Murphy, email 15 Apr 2010: "...I just talked to my mother in Independence.  I wanted to confirm when she said she met Frank Skroch, brother to her grandmother Mary (Mrs. Jacob Kulig).  My mother was working at the Roman Skroch house and helping out.  Roman was a nephew to Frank.  Roman raised pheasants and my mother helped with the pheasants.  She thought she was about 17 or 18 and this would have been around 1937 or 1938.  She said Frank was short, dressed in a suit, had a gold watch on a chain in his pocket and looked just like her grandmother.  She said he came over there for dinner.  She later told her father (William Kulig) about it and he said when he was little he went with his mother (Mrs. Jacob Kulig) to North Dakota on a train for a visit.  He said how he got sick on the train and that is what stuck in his mind about the trip."

  • Joan (Halama) Murphy (family genealogist)
Married: ? Murphy
  • Bernice Kulig    b.abt.1920
  • Adolph Kulig    b.abt.1921
  • Eleanore Kulig    b.abt.1922
  • Clifford Kulig    b.abt.1923
  • Clarence Kulig    b.abt.1924
  • Anton Kulig    b.abt.1926
  • Adeline Kulig    b.abt.1927
  • Edward Kulig    b.abt.1928
  • William Kulig    b.abt.1930    d.abt.1935
  • Simon "Sam" Kulig    b.abt.1896 in Trempealeau Co., WI    d.abt.1972
  • Bartek "Bert" Kulig    b.abt.1898 in Trempealeau Co., WI    d.abt.1966

Detail: Anna Skroch

Anna Skroch    b.1862/63 in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.11-13-1877 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI     d.9-?-1879 in Independence, Trempealeau o., WI   (immgrated 5-18-1868 on "Bavaria" to New York)

Married Wojcik (Woychik)    b.1850/51 prob. in Poppelau, Opole, Poland    m.11-13-1877 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    m2.1880 in Independence, Trempealeau Co., WI    d.abt.1940 in Milwaukee, WI?

Anna Skroch and Philip Wojcik 1877 Marriage
Anna Skroch - Philip Wojcik  1877 Marriage Certificate

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