Name: Theodore Thomas Skroch, detail
Parents: Frank Skroch and Victoria Maczkowicz
Decended: Frank John , John , Jacob, Valentin , Michael, Jacob
Spouses: 1
Children: 7
DOB: 26 July 1907
POB: Geneseo, (Sargent Co.), SD
DOD: 11 July 1983
POD: Frazee, MN
Spouse: Margaret Francis Kugler, detail
Spouce Parents: Charles Kugler, Anna Washtok
Married: 02 May 1934, Lidgerwood, ND
DOB: 20 Dec 1914
POB: Roberts Co., SD
Ronald Theodore Skroch , 27 Jan 1935
Mary Ann Skroch, 03 Dec 1936, detail
Annette Marie Skroch, 05 Jan 1939, detail
David Anthony Skroch , 25 Jan 1940
Kathleen Mararet Skroch, 20 April 1941, detail
Mararet Mary Skroch, 20 June 1941, detail
Theodora Mary (Peggy) Skroch, 21 Apr 1946, detail

Detail: Teodore Thomas Skroch

Death Certificate on file.

Theodore Thomas Skroch    b.7-26-1907  in Geneseo, Sargent Co., ND    m.5-2-1934 in Lidgerwood, ND    d.7-9-1983 in Frazee, Becker Co., MN

Detail: Margaret Frances Kugler

Margaret Francis Kugler    b.12-20-1914 in Roberts Co., SD

Source: Unknown

When Mom & Dad got married they vacationed with Mom's parents Charles and Anna Kugler.  They visited Portege Wis. where  Great-Grandma  Kugler lived.  While visiting Great Grandma offered coffee, Grandma poured cream in her  coffee, apparently Great Grandma though she used to much cream and told her that she used to much cream and that she wasn't on the farm now. 

One time of many when the entire family was out picking rock, as we went up and down the field Mom noticed one of the cows was out of the fence.  She told Dad, and He said no it wasn't out of the fence.  They bantered back and forth and finally Mom said I bet you it is out.  I can't remember what they bet but Dad took her up on the bet.  As we got closer to the fence line sure enough the cow was out.  Then Dad started to weasel out of the bet; but Mom held her ground and finally Dad admitted he lost the bet.  I never knew if she did collect the bet. 

Mom was good to all of us.  She demanded that the things we were supposed to do were done but was never mean to any of us, or talked to us in a mean or degrading way.  When I was very young it seemed that she worked all the time.  But as I and my sisters grew older I came to realize that she did sit down in the evening to watch TV.  She darned socks or sewed as she watched but I think she was able to do this because now she had daughters to help with all the work. 

I remember Mom always took care of the chickens.  The feed was stored in the chicken house but she carried the water to them.  When the snow got bad one of us kids carried the water.  She would always talk to the chicken and it seemed like they would talk back to her.  Animals always liked her and would always go to her for attention. She would pet them or talk to them.  It was like they knew she would not hurt them. 

The eggs from the chicken were gathered two or three times a day.  We would sit and watch TV in the evening and clean eggs.  This meant wiping them off or sanding them.  They were sanded for some reason because this would not remove a  natural protective coating.  I think the egg money was used to buy groceries and clothing. 


Detail: Mary Ann Skroch

Married Roger John Lipp on 21 Jun 1959 in Geneseo, ND
Roger John Lipp: DOB: 31 Dec 1934

Detail:  Annette Marie Skroch

Married James Allen Edgerton on 22 Jun 1959 in Geneseo, ND
James Allen Edgerton: DOB: 11 Mar 1937

Detail:   Kathleen Mararet Skroch

Married Lee Schroeder on 16 Jun 1972 in Small Church Wisconsin
Lee Schroeder: DOB: 01 Jul 1936

Detail:   Mararet Mary Skroch

POB: Veblen, SD
DOD: 29 Jun 1943
POD: Veblen, SD

Detail:   Theodora Mary (Peggy) Skroch

Married: Victor Eldo Ryland on 30 May 1970 in Cathedral Parish,  Rapid City, SD
Victor Eldo Ryland: DOB: 23 Mar 1930, POB: Van Hook, ND

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