Skroch History

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History about the Skroch surname is more than a family tree.  It is about the places, times, and events in the places inhabited by our ancestors.  This page provides general historical information about the Skroch family that has been obtained from various sources. 

Because the Internet is so dynamic and information disappears, when possible, information obtained from the Internet is edited and made available here, along with a link to the original source.  Links below that are not bold are located off this site.

First names were often different in Germany/Poland. Here are a few translations from the Silesian names as provided by Thomas Bauch-Mertens of Berlin:

Silesian Names
Common Names
Grzeis/Grzesch Gregor
Valek/Walek Valentin
Jandra Andreas (Andrew)
Woitek Albert or Adalbert
Kristek Christoph or Christian

Updated: 6 Jul 2014